Let there be light!


So far we have delivered three projects for them. The first was a shipping container conversion and the first time London Display Company had taken on such a task. It was a brilliant chance for the designers to create something that could highlight the lighting in quite a confined space.

This led to our second project with them, a shipping container that sat within a custom built wall and counter. Here we built on the lessons of the first project, adding in additional features to further entice potential clients.

The third project was a sleek custom Built exhibition space – Tunable Light lab. Here we highlighted the red branding, most notably with the typically Italian moped tucked to the side of the stand, on a backdrop of clean white to create a truly distinctive stand.

We loved working with the team at iGuzzini, and here’s what they had to say about us:

“London Display Company are an excellent team to work with. We first used them for a unique shipping container conversion, which was delivered to a very high standard, and have since worked with them on several trade shows. Adam, Gary and their team have been a pleasure to work with because they are organised, bring their ideas to the table and provide an unparalleled finish. It’s worth pointing out that they can work with any budget and are flexible with design changes. It’s good to know we have a team we can rely on for tradeshows and events!”

Rohan Servand, Iguzzini UK